"Fair trade certified" and "Eco-Friendly"

Why I am less interested in "Fair Trade" than you might think? Not that it isn't a wonderful thing, for sure! But it has certain meanings that are not fully in line with my Zero Waste challenges.

The "Fair Trade Certified" seal, and the organization that issues it, have been around since 1998. They certify that the products are made with labor at fair wages, environmentally "sensitive", and organic. However, my belief that the only way we will fix the earth is to stop using any virgin materials means that it's not enough. I absolutely endorse and support everything they do, and certainly intend that all my products live up to these standards. Good news is that most, if not nearly all the companies that produce upcycled or recycled products are also very attuned to the need for Fair Trade practices.

As of this writing in April 2021, every single one of my products uses only no-virgin-materials as a matter of course. I continue, every day, to look for more products that meet my stringent requirements.