"Hand picked"......how I choose eco-friendly products

Some of you wondered how I select products for this site. Turns out it's not exactly a simple process!! As time goes by, it might get easier, but the world hasn't caught up with us yet.

For a product to be truly RECYCLED or UPCYCLED, my criterion is that it have a minimum of 80% re-used waste product. Many people think of "recycled" as things like printer paper, but it's actually much more. Similarly, most people, when thinking of "upcycled" tend to imagine old chairs re-painted in shabby chic. But the focus of what we do is to remove waste from the garbage stream produced by modern consumerism. So I look for products that specifically harvest trash or garbage and turn it into something useful.

The challenge nowadays lies mostly in the amount of product (or lack thereof, actually) that's made with these waste products. There are a rag-tag group of makers out there, but most do not have the capacity to fulfill orders on an e-commerce site like this one. Also, many of the larger ones that can, will only sell wholesale, meaning I'd have to buy large quantities and store them in a warehouse, maintain a shipping department, and generally turn into something more like a mini-Amazon. Not where the world needs to go.

So, I am left with a very small number of suppliers.  I am DEFINITELY on the lookout for more companies/manufacturers who will do drop shipping, and can contribute to our mission of removing trash from humanity's waste stream. Please get in touch!!