Creeping Thyme Pre-Seeded Flower Mat with Soil Block 17"x5' - 1 2 or 3 Pack

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Creeping thyme also known commonly as ‘Mother of Thyme ’ is an easily grown spreading thyme variety. It is excellent planted as a lawn substitute or among stepping stones or pavers to create a living patio. 


  • Variety: Creeping thyme (Thymus serpyllum)
  • Blossom color: Violet or White
  • Attracts butterflies and songbirds
  • Seed mat
  • Annual
  • Months of the year when it will bloom: late spring-early fall
  • Estimated height when fully grown: Creeping Thyme: 4” - 6”
  • Sunlight exposure: Partial sun
  • Made out of 100% recycled paper

Planting instructions:

  • Prepare the soil to a depth of 3”-4”
  • Layout the mat and cover with 1/8” soil
  • Soak the mat and keep it moist until the plants are established (2”-3” high)