ZeroWasteModern grew out of a very real worry for the future of our planet. Architect and entrepreneur Joel Karr had spent his life creating large buildings, all the while so worried about waste, demolition, new virgin products used almost exclusively in new construction. He became fascinated with architecture made from upcycled shipping containers, and has built several of them. After selling his firm in 2019, he went about building a concept of an entirely upcycled lifestyle. Joel "walks the talk" in every aspect of life. Reducing dependence on products using new material is a long and continuous journey.With global climate change already way ahead of us, and still not moving but a fraction of the speed we should be, Joel decided that upcycling was the only responsible approach to take. He began building a base of products that he liked, for his own use, and as time went by, he realized that there were virtually no good resources for finding cool, modern, upcycled products all in one place.Thus, ZeroWasteModern was born. We are always on the lookout for products, small cottage industry makers, and any other resources we can find that can help save our planet.Join us in our journey for cool modern lifestyle, done in a totally sustainable way.