Pre-Seeded Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden Flower Mats

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Designed to attract hummingbirds butterflies songbirds and bees.
Cut or trim each mat to fit any area. Each flower mat includes a quart of potting soil and 1000 pre-planted seeds.
Planting Instructions
Select a site which receives at least 4-6 hours of sunlight each day Prepare the soil to a depth of 3”-4” and the same size as the mat Carefully lay out the mat with “this side up” Cover the mat with no more than 1/8” soil to hold the mat down and allow the seeds to easily germinate Soak the mat entirely (preferably using a hose with a fine spray) until the mat is saturated Continue to keep the mat moist until the plants are established (2”-3” high) Check daily to ensure the top 1” of soil is moist After the seeds have sprouted water as necessary As the flowers begin to grow the mat will dissolve and fertilize into the yard


Made with 100% recycled paper
Varietal: hummingbird mat butterfly mat songbird mat or pollinating bee mat
Type: annual
Blooming periods: 6 weeks after planting
Sun exposure: place in partial sun
Made in the USA
Mat dimensions: 17” x 60”