Case of 100 Upcycled Garbage Bags - 45 Gallon

Case of 100 Upcycled Garbage Bags - 45 Gallon

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Feel good about your garbage! For only 70 cents each, you can throw away your recyclables and (hopefully minimal!) landfill trash, while removing plastic from the waste stream.

* These 45 gallon, 1.5 mil, low density garbage bags come in a case of 100. Repro means that the bags are made of recycled plastics and resins which make them economical.

* Are more stretchable and give more easily than high density bags, because they are made from resins that are highly resistant to puncturing and tearing.

* These low density garbage bags are also comparatively thicker than high density trash bags. * They can be used with wet and/or heavy trash with sharp, irregular objects from kitchens and bars, because they are stretchable, waterproof, and have a reinforced gusseted bottom seal. * Each garbage bag measures 46" x 40" x 1.5 mil.