ECO Dog Collar, Step In Harness, and Leash - Recycled plastic bottles

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Here's the technical part....

Bottles are melted, purified, and extruded into thread that is then woven to create this unique material.

This is what your DOG needs to know....

The rich texture of the collars and step in harnesses are comfortable and soft with no scratchy edges!

This is what YOU need to know.....

Lupine Eco collars and harnesses are earth friendly and available in three widths, including six size ranges to fit any dog.  Lupine products always feature strong bar-tack stitching and welded D-rings for quality and durability.
Collars, harnesses, and leashes are available in 9 earthy colors that can be machine washed and air dried.

All Lupine items are Proudly Built in New Hampshire and 

GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed).

All leashes come with the easy to use swivel snap, as seen in main photo.